The stoop. At the top of the stoop is the main character's bed, propped up on BART windows and books. The backdrop is created from sewn bedsheets.

Chasing Mehserle (2014)

Chinaka Hodge’s follow up to the 2010 play Mirrors in Every Corner follows the main character Watts as he becomes increasingly commanded by a need to find Oscar Grant’s murderer, Johannes Mehserle. After the end of Mirrors in Every Corner, Watts is marooned in his house, never venturing further than his stoop until he decides to find Mehserle. 

Invited to create the sets for the play, I focused on Watts’ island/fortress. The rotating stoop was topped with Watts’ bed which were propped up with stacks of books. The back room became a control center for Watts’ attempts to find Mehserle, haunted by the memory of Grant’s murder and making formal reference to Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, lit by dozens of tiny lights. 

Photos by Joan Osato and Eli Jacobs-Fantouzzi